Terms of Use

Proposed payout is calculated automatically at the time of your contract submission. You are encouraged to check current market prices for your items before submission -- at a service like evepraisal.com, for example -- in order to compare.

If you are unhappy or unsure about the amount of payout proposed, you should cancel your contract immediately and seek some help (possibly from corpmates) in evaluating your contract. Please bear in mind that prices fluctuate and calculation methods differ -- your contract may be valued slightly differently depending on which service you use.

We will charge a fee for handling your contracts. This fee will be used for shipping and other expenses. The fee amount depends on the station where you drop off your loot:

Gelhan V - Moon 10 - DED Logistic Support: 10%

Saisio VIII - Moon 4 - Perkone Factory: 10%

Thera XII - The Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics: 20%

Turnur III - Boundless Creation Factory: 10%

Zoohen III - Theology Council Tribunal: 10%

You are free to cancel your contract at any time before acceptance, but once it has been accepted by Carrier Logistics LTD., you agree that the transaction is final and signal your acceptance of the payout amount, barring any error.

We currently only accept items tradable on the open market, since our automated systems cannot yet evaluate Blueprint or Contract Items. We will revisit this periodically, as we hope to widen our offering to include BPCs in the near future.

Complaint Policy

If you suspect that an error has occurred: Please contact us within 7 days of the payout, quoting the reference on your payout quote evemail. We will endeavour to resolve the issue within 7 days from receipt of your evemail. If you are still unhappy after our investigation is complete, please let us know, and we will review the outcome between a panel of three contract managers. Your only recourse beyond this will be escalation to Signal Cartel leadership.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via our discord channel: Discord