Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Carrier Logistics LTD?

We are a small group of Signal Cartel members who formed a corp with our alts to provide a structured and efficient Buyback Program exclusively for SC members. We're serious and dedicated to providing this invaluable service.

What is the story behind the choice of the logo?

Hermes is the god of commerce, dontchaknow! So his staff is the symbol of commerce and trade! Check out Caduceus on Wikipedia. It has nothing to do with the Rod of Asclepius.

Who is MINA?

MINA (MINA Is Not an Acronym) is our automated contracts and logistics system. MINA automatically imports contracts and verifies them, issuing payout orders to our agents and alerting us to potential problems. MINA monitors our agents' progress and posts our stats to our website. MINA is at the very core of what we do.

Why do you charge a fee?

Simply put: We have costs. The fee covers us against price fluctuation as well as providing us with the means to rent hangars in our popular buyback locations. It also pays for hauling fees and helps build a small reserve which we use to help continue and expand our service.

What do you do with the permissions I granted on login?

We use this to verify your character and corp before proceeding.
* Location permissions allow us to preselect the pickup location to save you time or prevent accidental non-selection of that field.
* Open permissions allow us to open your contract in-game with our handy interface.

Where can I drop off loot?

We currently have offices in the four main Signal Cartel bases:
* Gelhan (DED Logistics)
* Saisio (Perkone Factory)
* Thera (Paleo Station),
* Turnur (Boundless Creation Factory),
* Zoohen (Theology Council)

How do you calculate prices?

We cast fossilised fedo bones into an ancient hat and a Bene Gesserit witch predicts the Jita Buy Price from their positions relative to each other. If the predicted price is over 8.4 ISK, then we use the Janice API's listed current prices as an index instead. We include Janice links with our appraisals so that you can verify this information yourself.

Why do you use the Jita Buy Price?

We use the Jita Buy Price (in-line with the previous BuyBack program, as well as Eve-Uni and Brave) as it is the price that goods currently sell to buy orders. We sell to buy orders to maintain our fast turnaround and avoid being sidetracked with market-pvp instead of focussing on accepting contracts and handling payout.

Why do you not accept contracts which include the transfer of ISK?

Our automated system, MINA, is adept at finding problems with contracts, but she's no match for a human eye. The payout process has to remain in the hands of our experienced contract agents, for our protection and yours.

Why can't I copy my inventory?

Remember that you can only copy items if you are in list or detail view. In icon view, copying does not work!

Why is there a minimum and maximum value for my contract?

When the value or saleability of certain items in your contract is questionable, MINA will appraise the contract without them. This gives the minimum value. The maximum value is the total current Jita Buy Price. The contract will be evaluated manually by our agents who will make the final decision on the payout amount.

What happens after I send you a contract?

When your contract is recognised by our system (usually within minutes), you will receive a receipt confirming that we are processing your contract. The payout amount will usually be confirmed at this time, too. Although we'll attempt to process all contracts within a few days, we cannot guarantee it, as our contract agents all have actual lives. Except Sky.

Do you accept ore and planetary interaction (PI)/planetary production (PP) items?

Of course!

Do you accept blueprint copies (BPCs)?

No. Since they can only be sold via contracts, automated pricing for these items is difficult. At the moment, we do not have a process for handling them. If you still add them to your contract, we will consider them a donation to Carrier Logistics LTD.

Do contracts have any limits?

At the moment contracts are supposed to be within the following limits:
* Value up to 3,000,000,000.00 ISK
* Number of different items 1000
* Expiry time of the contract must be at least 2 weeks
* Appraisals stay valid for 30 minutes. During this timeframe we expect the contract to be submitted.

What does a correct contract look like?

Check out the screenshot!

How is the ETA of a contract calculated?

To keep the system fair and avoid a flood of contracts, we start with an estimate of 3 days to process your contract. We then add 3 days for each contract added while another is still outstanding. These estimates stack to give us your total ETA. For best service, therefore, consider consolidating smaller contracts before submitting them to us.